Why You Can’t Drive on Your Spare Tire for Prolonged Periods of Time

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You may be able to change a flat tire in no time at all, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a total nuisance. No one gets a flat tire and thinks “What fun! Now I get to refresh my tire changing skills.” All we’re thinking about is getting back on the road. And, in our rush to make up time and get to our next destination, many forget the final step to changing a tire: fixing the flat and replacing the spare.

Why you can't drive on spare tire

Your spare tire isn’t as durable as your normal tire. Don’t drive on it for too long.

Why you shouldn’t drive on a spare tire

Many people are guilty of driving too long on a spare tire. As long as the car is driving, we forget that a spare tire does not function as a normal tire should. Driving on a spare tire for longer periods of time can cause several problems.


The spare tire isn’t as durable as your regular tires. Their purpose is to get you to a service station so you can repair your flat tire and replace the spare. If you use your spare like a regular tire, you’re much more likely to get a flat again. Fun, right? Keep this up and you’ll be a tire changing pro! If you don’t like changing tires all the time, only use your spare for short drives.


Mistakes changing flat tire.

The last step to fixing a flat tire is to fix and replace the spare tire.

Spare tires aren’t meant to be driven. Typically, a spare tire is smaller and slimmer than the regular tires. The smaller size means they take up less space in your car and give you more trunk space, which is great. What’s not great is driving on a fourth wheel that is smaller than all the other wheels, because it can affect the way the car handles. It’s like wearing a sneaker and a flip-flop. It can throw your car out of alignment and wear on the differential that controls the speed of the tires.

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