Keep On Trucking With Regular Semi-Truck Maintenance and Repairs

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When you own a fleet of semi-trucks, your livelihood depends on keeping those trucks purring like kittens. However, the extreme mileage put on a semi-truck can cause a lot of problems. You can keep on trucking with regular semi-truck maintenance and repairs.

Challenges of owning a semi-truck

Mobile semi-truck repairs

Get regular service and semi-truck repairs by certified mechanics.

Whether you own one semi-truck or a whole fleet, the only way to turn a profit is to keep that semi-truck on the road. With the average semi-truck clocking up to 45,000 miles in a year, that’s a lot of roads to cover, and a lot of wear and tear on the motor, wheels, brakes, and mechanics of your semi. Although we do provide roadside assistance for semi-trucks, the way to avoid breakdowns is to have regular maintenance done by trained and certified professionals.

Components to a healthy semi-truck

Our recommendation for maintaining a healthy and working semi-truck is threefold: maintenance, repair, and service. Maintenance is about preventative care. Having a regular diagnostic test performed on your truck will help you catch problems before they occur. Preventing a problem is more cost-effective than repairing a problem. If repairs need to be done, you need to find the right mechanic. A semi-truck isn’t just a “big car,” it’s a whole new beast and requires specialized and certified professionals to handle the repairs. Not only are we certified to maintain and repair your semi-truck, but we make “house calls.” When we service your semi-truck, we come to you. Having a professional service your semi-truck on location will ensure that your truck isn’t off the road for longer than necessary.

Most common semi-truck problems

Mobile semi-truck repairs

We offer mobile repair service by certified mechanics for your semi-trucks.

The two biggest problem areas with a semi-truck are the brakes and the electrical system. With the intense mileage put on semi-trucks, the brakes are particularly vulnerable and will wear out much quicker than other vehicles. Similarly, the electrical system comprised of the battery, alternator, and starter are also susceptible to extra pressure. Don’t wait until you break down on the side of the road before calling a professional to diagnose the problem.

24 Hour Mobile Mechanics has trained, certified professionals that can diagnose, maintain and repair your semi-truck. We come to you to service your semi-trucks, eliminating wait times at the shop. Schedule regular maintenance and service calls to diagnose problems before they become more serious and expensive.

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