Don’t Let Common RV Problems Ruin Your Summer Roadtrip

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Summer is almost upon us, and that means many of you are dusting off the old RV for another summer road trip. While you peruse the map of the US to find your next RV destination, call a professional to diagnose and repair your RV to get it ready for the road. Checking for the most common RV problems before you leave will make for a much more enjoyable vacation.

Common RV Problems

Be sure to check the electrical connection to make sure nothing is damaged or frayed.

Common RV problems

Whether you take your RV out for a spin on a regular basis, or it only comes out of retirement once a year, your RV needs a professional diagnosis to ensure it is fit for another adventure. All kinds of problems can arise while your RV is sitting in the garage. In just a week, the tires can lose up to 2Psi, if not more. However, there’s more to getting your RV ready than just filling up the tires. The most common RV problems tend to occur with the brakes and the mechanics.

RV appliances

Your RV is like a home, so there are more things than just the driving mechanics that need to be maintained. Before you take off, check the connections to all of your appliances. Make sure that no connection points are damaged or frayed. Not only can a faulty electrical system be dangerous and cause serious problems, but, without the luxury of electricity in your RV to power all of your appliances, then you may as well just have gone camping! Have a professional check the electrical system and make sure that all electrical points are secure.

Professional RV maintenance

The best way to maintain your RV is with regular service visits from a professional RV mechanic. Preventative care is much less expensive than waiting for your RV to break down. A professional can check all the common problem areas, like the brakes, tires, fluids, seals, and appliance connections. If there are any issues, we can fix it on the spot, preventing a more serious issue later. You don’t want to procrastinate on RV issues. You may end up with much more costly repairs, or breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

Mobile emergency RV repair

Mobile RV repair service

Our mobile RV repair service will come to you to fix common RV problems.

Although we recommend regular maintenance to prevent serious issues, we know that sometimes things happen. Breaking down while you’re on vacation can quickly sour the mood. However, 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics will come to you! We will make the best of a bad situation by bringing the shop to you, instead of you having to ruin your vacation by taking your RV to the shop. If you’ve broken down at your campground, we’ll show up at your camp. You can continue to lounge and play and explore while we fix the problem. We’ll show up at your home, business, or wherever the problem occurs.

24 Hour Mobile Mechanics will come to you to diagnose and repair your RV problems. Our mechanics have experienced RV technicians who work with these vehicles daily. We know what to look for and how to fix it. At 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics, we are committed to providing the best repair service, information, and leaving you with a feeling of confidence that the job is done right.

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