Reliable and Certified Roadside Assistance on I-44

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Breaking down on the I-44 Interstate in the middle of the night isn’t just a nuisance, it can be dangerous if you don’t take precaution. Once you’ve called 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics for roadside assistance, here’s what you need to do to stay safe.Roadside Assistance I-44

Roadside assistance on I-44

24 Hour Mobile Mechanics has fast, reliable, and ASE-certified technicians ready to come to your rescue. Our roadside assistance service area spans left and right of the I-44 from Springfield to St. Louis, Missouri, and on to Edwardsville, Illinois. We are trained to diagnose, repair, and inform clients so that they understand why the problem happened, and how to potentially avoid a similar situation in the future. Before we get to you, however, you need to get yourself into a safe spot while you wait for roadside assistance.

Pull over to the side

At the first sign of trouble with your vehicle, get yourself over to the side safely. The more you can get your car out of the way of other traffic, the safer it will be, both for you and the other vehicles on the road. If you are unable to move your car to the shoulder safely, carefully get yourself and any passengers, safely out of the car and over to the side of the road.

Turn on the hazards and warning devices

Roadside assistanceOnce you are safely off to the side, you need to turn on your hazards (if you didn’t do it already). When it is safe, place any warning signs, symbols, and devices near the vehicle to alert oncoming traffic. This will also alert the roadside assistance technician coming to help you.

Stay calm

We know that an accident can be extremely stressful. If the breakdown is due to an accident, it’s important that you try to stay calm. Since there is traffic all around, you need to keep cool to protect yourself and others from further damage and injury.

Wait for police

If there has been an accident, it’s important that you do not try to move the vehicles involved, but rather leave them be and wait for both police and roadside assistance. It is important to preserve the scene of the accident so that you can get a reliable police report of any damage and injuries.

Fast and reliable roadside assistance on I-44

Our professional mobile mechanic technicians are trained to diagnose, repair, and service broken or faulty system components that make up your vehicle’s complex systems, including the heating and cooling system, braking system, steering and suspension systems, and more. Be it a broken belt, leaky hose or anything in between, you can count on 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics to do the job right, keep you informed and get you safely on your way.

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