For many, the health of their semi-truck (or tractor-trailer truck) is not just about having a vehicle that runs well and is reliable, it is about making sure your livelihood is taken care of. Whether you are an individual who has their own private semi-truck, or you are a business owner that owns and operates a fleet of semi-trucks, 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics can ensure that your truck (or trucks) are running at their maximum effectiveness. It is estimated that each individual trucker can put up to 45,000 miles on their truck over the course of each year.  For this reason, it is so important to maintain the health of your semi truck with the help of a trained and certified professional. Our teams have experience with a wide variety of semi-trucks such as Peterbilts, Freightliners, Macks, and many more.

There are three key components to ensuring that your semi-truck (or tractor trailer) is operating in tip-top health: maintenance, repair and service. All of the needs of the semi-automatic truck, from the brake repair to the engine servicing are not just about a size increase from their smaller domestic and foreign passenger vehicles. Working with semi-automatic trucks takes a certified professional with years of experience underneath his belt. Since semi-trucks are built to be on the road and not stuck inside of a garage,  it is a great idea to call 24 Hour Mobile Mechanic and schedule a tune-up and diagnostic check to ensure that all the parts of the semi-truck are in peak condition for the road ahead. Since the mechanic will come right to you, there is no need to worry about spending even more time away from loved ones.

Semi-truck breakdowns and how to prevent them

Two of the most common causes for a semi-trucks to break down are both closely connected to the intensive mileage put on these vehicles. Our certified mechanics suggest scheduling preventative maintenance checkups to address issues before they become serious problems. Brake issues and electronic malfunctions are the two most common causes of semi-truck breakdown.


Since the discs and drum brakes of a semi-truck are subjected to high temperatures and pressure on a regular basis, they tend to wear down more quickly than smaller vehicles. If the various brake components on semi-trucks are not properly maintained and repaired, they will require more expensive repairs down the road.

Electrical Systems

Though the electric system on semi-trucks is a much larger job than on personal vehicles, they still comprise of the same three basic systems: the battery, the alternator and the starter. A proper diagnosis of the problem can save the driver time and money.

It takes a trained, certified mechanic to be able to properly diagnose, repair and maintain the health of a semi-truck. Go to the trained professionals at 24 Hour Mobile Mechanic to streamline your process.

Making an appointment is as easy as, calling (314) 513-2995. At 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics, we are committed to providing best repair service, information and leaving you with a feeling of confidence that the job is done right.