RV Repairs

How to Properly Maintain and Repair Your RV

When out on the road your RV becomes your home. There are numerous features, parts, and appliances that must be well-taken care of to ensure that while on the road, you are comfortable and everything remains in working order. However, sometimes things break, parts need to be replaced, and accidents happen. Here are a few tips to properly maintain and repair your RV when these issues arise.

Call a Professional

While you may consider yourself a handyman and can solve most issues on your own, calling a professional who is familiar with RV repair is ideal. RV technicians work with these vehicles daily and they know what to look for and how to properly fix most systems. Additionally, moving an RV can be a challenge and some professionals not only offer 24-hour repair, but will come to you — whether at your office, your home, or even the campground.

Make Repairs Immediately

When your RV needs repaired, it is important that you call a professional to make the repair as soon as possible. When you don’t take care of issues immediately, it can lead to larger complications, costing you more time and money. It is never wise to procrastinate a vehicle repair.

Do Weekly Checks

Proper maintenance for your RV is a constant challenge. You should check certain areas on your RV such as tire pressure, fluid levels, and seals at least once a week —more for frequent use. Checking your tire pressure is particularly important as RV tires can lose at least 2 psi just from sitting for a week.

Keep Connections Tight

Whether you are going on a long trip or just pulling out your RV for the summer, one aspect of your RV that is often overlooked is the connection between your walls and the appliances. You want to ensure everything is tight and the appliances are hooked securely on the wall. Additionally, ensure that all appliances and systems, including your heater and AC unit, work well before heading out on a trip. If there are any issues, you will want to work with professionals to ensure all connections are correct and everything is working at its best.

Don’t Forget the Brakes

Before you take your RV out on the road, it is wise to have a thorough brake evaluation. You want to ensure that the brake system, pads, and other critical parts are working well. When working with such critical functions on your vehicle, it is important professionals do the work. While you may try to do the work yourself, your own safety and that of your family is more important than saving a little money with a poor do-it-yourself job. Consider mechanic shops that employ ASE Certified technicians to ensure you are receiving the best repair job possible. If you want to explore and enjoy many adventures with your loved ones, you must treat your RV well. Your trips will be a success and with less stress if you keep your vehicle well-maintained and work with ASE technicians to quickly repair any issue that may come your way.

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