Brake Repair

Whether you are driving around town or traveling on long road trips, the braking system of a car is arguably one of the most critical components of keeping you safe and secure. Our mobile, trained technicians are certified to work on both foreign cars as well as domestic cars and can even perform brake work on commercial vehicles such as semi-automatic trucks.  The entire brake system of a car is comprised of three main sections: the brakes, the rotors, and the brake pads. A good mechanic can identify signs and symptoms of wear and tear that will protect the driver from putting out unnecessary money in the long run by maintaining the systems for as long as possible.

Whether it is domestic or foreign vehicles, brake repair is as much about maintenance as it about replacement and repairs. Our trained technicians can perform a brake system evaluation that will be the first step to identifying potential problems in your brake system and start you on the path to a safe, more secure vehicle.

Signs (or sounds) that your brakes need care

The most common indicator that your brakes need to be assessed by a professional is if they are making more noise than usual. Listen carefully to what your brakes are trying to tell you, and get them assessed by a professional as soon as possible.


If your brakes are rattling when you ease off of the brake pedal, you could need new brake pads. In general, brake pads should be replaced every 20,000 to 60,000 miles, with the front brakes needing a quicker replacement than the back brakes. Replacing brake pads on time will prevent more severe damage and more expensive brake work.


A high-pitched noise, similar to a screech, can be your brake system’s way of calling out for help. This can be caused by a shim, which is a small, metal indicator that is designed to give you a warning when it is time to replace those brake pads. A screeching sound may indicate that maintenance and repairs can improve the brake system without a full overhaul of the system.


A grinding sound is potentially the most dangerous sound your brakes can make. If you press the brake pedal and your brakes feel and sound as if they are grinding to a halt, this could be an indication that your brake pads and rotors have been worn down to a dangerous point. The grinding is caused by direct contact between the caliper and the rotor disc. This needs to be addressed very quickly, for safety’s sake.

Brake care and maintenance is key to expanding the life of your brakes and keeping you and your family safe from potential accidents. The certified technicians at 24 Hour Mobile Mechanic will work with you to develop a time where they can come to your home and complete the work that your vehicle needs.

Making an appointment is as easy as, calling (314) 513-2995. At 24 Hour Mobile Mechanics, we are committed to providing best repair service, information and leaving you with a feeling of confidence that the job is done right.