Driving on Empty May Cause Damage and Increase Safety Risks

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Whether we are too busy, too lazy, or like to live life on the edge, we’ve pushed our cars beyond the empty line. There are, however, plenty of reasons to always keep your car well fueled. Driving on empty causes several problems with your vehicle. So, when that light comes on, take the time to refuel and protect yourself and your vehicle.

Driving on empty is bad for your car

Problems with driving on empty

Always keep a quarter tank of gas to prevent car troubles.

Running out of gas is more than just annoying, it’s dangerous. It can burn out your fuel pump, prevent airbags from deploying, leave you stranded, or cause a crash. Plus, your fuel gauge may not be exact. Many factors play into how long your car can drive on empty, so when the warning light comes on, you should find a gas station as soon as possible so as not to cause damage to your car, preventing safety risks.

Burn out the fuel pump

The gas in your car is used to make everything run smoothly. When you are running low on gas, then every part of your car is running low on gas, and vehicle performance suffers. One of the important jobs of fuel is to keep your engine and your electric fuel pump cool. Low fuel means risking damage to your fuel pump. Without fuel to cool the pump, heat builds up and will cause premature wear and tear. Running on empty can burn out the fuel pump, and repairing a fuel pump can be much more costly than filling up your car as soon as the warning light comes on.

Safety risks of driving on low fuel

Safety risks of driving on low fuel

Running out of fuel may prevent airbags from deploying, putting you at greater risk.

Your fuel gauge is more of an estimate than an exact reading. You may think you have a few more miles left before you run out completely, but you could be wrong. Risking running out of fuel is dangerous. You could break down in the middle of a busy highway or intersection and cause an accident.  When your car runs out of fuel, everything shuts down, including all the safety features in your car, like the airbags. Running out of fuel may prevent airbags from deploying, which puts you at even greater risk in case of an accident.

Avoid running out of gas

A good rule of thumb is to always have a quarter of a tank of gas. If you risk running out of gas, you are risking an accident and costly repairs.

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