Common Problems with Car Air Conditioning

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Identifying Car Air Conditioning Issues

Having your vehicle’s air conditioning stop working suddenly can ruin your vacations fast. The most common causes of broken A/C are compressor issues and leaks. Don’t let problems go any further. Use our simple guide to diagnose your specific climate control problem.

Poor Cooling Performance

When a car’s AC delivers fluctuating temperatures, it is frequently a sign of moisture accumulation in one of the hoses or assemblies, causing ice to build-up and clog. Removing ice from a vehicle’s A/C assembly is a short and easy procedure. Also, if  the clutch is not engaging with your compressor than your compressor can’t maintain the correct pressure. Hot air will result.solve car A/C problems in Missouri

Compressor Failures

Failures of this component are the result of the loss of lubrication, which in turn may be due to the low refrigerant in the system, a blockage, loss of lubricant due to leaks or improper service procedures, or use of the wrong type of lubricant.

A blown fuse or a wiring problem usually makes the compressors magnetic clutch not engage when the A/C is turned on. Installing a new fuse may restore cooling temporarily.Car A/C Compressor problems

It is vital to find the reason for the fuse blowing to prevent the same thing from happening again.

If the clutch is receiving voltage but is not engaging the compressor, then you need to replace the compressor. If there are any signs of a leak around the compressor, it means that the shaft seal should also be replaced.

When the clutch works but fails to turn the compressor, it means that you need a new compressor.


To find leaks, you can add special dye to the system, an electronic leak detector or plain old soapy water. If you find a leak, repair it before fully recharging the system. Most leak repairs involve replacing hoses, O-rings, or seals. But if the condenser or evaporator are leaking, repairs can be expensive.

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