Jump Start Service

When you least expect it, your car, truck, semi-tractor trailer, RV, motor-home, or coach won’t start, and you need a jump start service. Even if you have jumper cables, you aren’t always able to [...]

Automotive Relays

Automotive Relays Description and Function The relay is an electro magnetically operated switch, where with an low level input current typically in the range between 100 mA and 150 mA, can be [...]

A Stalling Problem

A Stalling problem most of the time is the inadequate of fuel and/or too much air. A cold engine needs a rich mixture to start and run cold, and to idle. Any of the following can cause or [...]


AIR CONDITIONING ODOR   CONDITION Some customers may comment about musty odors emitted from the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system at vehicle start-up in hot: humid [...]

Cooling System Repairs

Cooling System Repair can be your worst enemy if you don’t understand how your cooling system  works. Your cooling system performs a critical function. Simply put it maintains proper engine [...]

Your Engine Stalls

Your engine stalls when cold immediately after starting and/or stumbles  Need Help? Ask A Technician Now! Problem: Your engine stalls when cold immediately after starting and/or stumbles. A [...]